About us

Old varieties are culinary treasures and preserve biological diversity. But how can one find out where old or rare vegetable varieties are cultivated, and where their seed can be obtained? The “Genbänkle” project launched at the Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Science (HfWU) wants to help here.

The Genbänkle aims to list, network, and visualise initiatives and organisations working on old and rare vegetable varieties in Baden-Württemberg. In the first phase of the project a list of relevant contacts in Baden-Württemberg will be established. This will then form the basis of a database and possibly an online map service. These resources will provide interested people with easier access to regional and true-breeding seeds of old and rare vegetable varieties.
Genbänkle project partners are the HfWU (Prof. Dr. Roman Lenz), the Alblinsen-Förderverein (Wolde Mammel) and “The Agronauts” (Roman Lenz und Dr. Philipp Weckenbrock, Research Institute for Sustainable Regional Agriculture). Potentially the database will be extended beyond vegetable varieties to include other crops.